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Muchachas, the saga of the year!

Muchachas, the saga of the year!

Katherine Pancol is one of the biggest publishing sensations in recent years. A worldwide success (translated in 27 countries). Since their release, The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles, La Valse lente des tortues (The Slow Waltz of the Turtles) and Les Ecureuils de Central Park sont tristes le lundi (The Squirrels of Central Park are Sad on Mondays) have all become classics.

Publication of the 3rd volume of Muchachas to kick off summer.

The book:

For some, it’s the hour of revenge.
For others, it’s the hour of deliverance.
Or hope.
Everything is tied, untied and tied together again.
The muchachas are advancing with great strides.
You never know what will happen.
You hold your breath, and cross your fingers.
And viva las muchachas!
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Published on 17 March 2014 | In the news