Hachette Livre International, publisher for the French-speaking world

Hachette Livre International (HLI) is a subsidiary of Hachette Livre, the 3rd largest publishing company in the world. With operations in over 20 countries, HLI publishes schoolbooks and other educational materials, children’s literature and how-to books under three different imprints: Édicef, Hatier International and Hachette Livre International.
Three imprints promoted and distributed through a wide range of co-publishing partners in Sub-Saharan Africa, the Maghreb, the Indian Ocean, the Near East and the French overseas departments and territories. These partners publish more than half of their works in cooperation with national publishers.

• Librairie Nationale (Morocco)
• Sedia (Algeria)
• Promoculture (Tunisia)
• Librairie Antoine (Lebanon)
• Edig (Gabon)
• Editions Clé, Afredit (Cameroon)
• Nei-Ceda (Côte d’Ivoire)
• Teacher training institutes: INRAP (Congo), NCDC (Rwanda), CNC (Chad), IPN (Gabon)
• Radio France International (joint publishing with the French Language department).

With the help of these partners, HLI puts the talent of its publishing teams to work, adapting schoolbooks and other educational materials, literature and how-to books to the needs of the different countries.
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