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“Pour comprendre… “, THE primary workbook collection

“Pour comprendre… “, THE primary workbook collection

“Pour Comprendre …. “, proven successful in schools for over 20 years! “Pour comprendre… ” is a collection of activity workbooks to study and review the curriculum at home with lessons based on the main notions of French , English and math


Activity workbooks to study and review the curriculum at home:
• 60 lessons covering the main themes of the French and math curriculum:
o In French: Spelling, Grammar, Conjugation, Vocabulary
o In Math: Numbers and calculations, Geometry, Quantity and measurement
• One page per lesson, with:
o A simple explanation;
o 4 or 5 progressive exercises;
o Help and tips given to the child throughout the workbook by a friendly character.
• All exercise answer keys in a central detachable booklet


Simple, structured and richly illustrated workbooks to make English accessible for everyone with an audio CD included!
• Each lesson is composed of:
o a listening activity of a simple illustrated dialogue;
o a fun activity (game, comprehension test, etc.).
• Plus for the CP/CE1 level workbooks: a detachable abecedary poster and illustrated dictionary pages (numbers, food, animals, etc.).
• For the adult:
o a few tips are given at the start of each lesson;
o all of the dialogues and nursery rhymes are translated; answer keys are included.
• The audio CD contains:
o all of the recorded dialogues;
o for the CP and CE1 levels: nursery rhymes for a fun way to learn English!


Progressive exercises available in French, math and English for primary students. Written by teachers; with tips for children and adults.

Published on 23 June 2014 | In the news