Hachette Livre International, leading exporter of French books worldwide

Hachette Livre International (HLI) is a subsidiary of Hachette Livre, the 3rd largest publishing company in the world. All the catalogues of Hachette Livre publishers, as well as the catalogues of external publishers who have entrusted HLI with the sale and marketing of their publications, are distributed internationally and in the French overseas departments and territories.

Academic sales teams travel the world to promote and distribute the some 140 imprints they represent, covering the full gamut of publishing fields from literature and children’s books to coffee table books, how-to books, comics and mangas, not to mention academic and professional books. Schoolbooks and other educational materials also include special editions by Hachette Livre International, Hachette FLE and Didier FLE with a strong focus on the export and promotion of French abroad.

These prestigious publishing houses are promoted in over 150 countries with 1,200 booksellers by an academic sales team based in Malakoff (France), independent sales reps, a network of local academic reps, a tightly-knit network of subsidiaries and strong partnerships with international distributors.

Below you will find a list of the different publishing houses represented by Hachette Livre International. Click here to find the publications distributed around the world…

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